I'm a burlesque fan engineer!

Like the fancy fan title I gave myself? But really... creating a new stave kit has been quite a process of trial and error. Finally figuring things out, I proudly offer the lightest, slimest and most durable staves I've found. I've got standard sizes available ready to ship out, but also offer more custom shapes and sizes. Feel free to contact me with questions and ideas. If you are in Chicago, I happily offer fan building crafty time sessions. Please keep all sales inquiries and sales through Etsy. I like supporting them because they do a great job of promoting me!

For more information how I got to this final product, check out this Ponoko blog feature:

For more information on how to construct feather fans on my staves, check out this DIY page!



Your speeds may vary. ;)



Fancy FeatherFancyFeather.com is the feather supplier I trust. From big to small, all of my feathers are from them. While it is a local company and super-convenient, they also have a wonderful selection, custom options and patience for getting you exactly what you need. I'm happy to advise on what would be a good combination of feathers for your budget when building on my staves, but will point you over to Fancy Feather for purchases.

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